Hair Loss

What is male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness can affect males as young as 17 years of age but it most commonly begins in their thirties or forties. It is the most common type of hair loss and it affects around 50% of males over 5o years of age. It usually affects the areas around the crown or temple of the scalp.

What are the possible causes of male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition. It runs in family from either parent’s side. There is currently no evidence to suggest that it can be caused by another factor. Unlike some other hair loss types, male pattern baldness is irreversible without medical intervention.

What are the available treatment options?

There are a wide range of products available on the market, from food supplements to shampoos and lotions. These products do not work for everyone so you have to try them to see if they can help your hair loss condition. Some of the well-known and widely used treatments include:

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