Supervised Consumption

What is the supervised consumption service?

Supervised consumption is an NHS service that is used in certain conditions to ensure that patients take their medication at regular intervals such as in substance dependence. The prescriber writes the supervised consumption instructions on the prescription. The service is funded by the NHS, it’s free for the patient.

How does the supervised consumption service work?

This service will require the pharmacist to supervise the consumption of prescribed medicines at the point of dispensing in the pharmacy, ensuring that the dose has been administered to the patient.
We offer user-friendly, non-judgmental, client-centered and confidential services. We provide support and advice to the patient, including referral to primary care or specialist centers where appropriate. The service is carried out in a private consultation room.

How do I sign-up for supervised consumption?

In the majority of cases, the prescriber will discuss the options with the patient and refer them to the pharmacy of their choice for this service. Before reviewing the patient, the prescriber will usually check with the pharmacy about the adherence of the patient to the treatment.
If you would like us to provide this service for you, please speak to a member of staff or your prescriber.

Our Branches

The service is available in the following branches.
Hado Pharmacy - Felixstowe
135 Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, Ip11 7bl
Hado Pharmacy - Norfolk
66 Mount Street, Diss, Norfolk, Ip22 4qq